In January of 2016, Ebara International Corporation Cryo and the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Reno partnered together to design and develop hydraulic components for LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) turbomachinery applications.  The objective of the project is to expand our understanding of two-phase flow and to improve the overall efficiency of turbines, specifically those utilized in the LNG applications.  Two-phase flow is a mix of gas and liquid together, which has completely different attributes than either on its own. Historically, the two-phase condition has been avoided in turbomachines because it can be detrimental to the equipment, if not controlled. 

The research in this laboratory will lead to the prediction, experimental verification, and further advancement in the field, to advance the turbine hydraulic technology and to broaden overall education and knowledge in the rotating equipment and turbomachinery fields.

Research Topics

Design and Development of a Jet Exducer for Cryogenic Two Phase Expander